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,Azri Azerai

KUALA LUMPUR: Bintai Kinden Corp Bhd has partnered Marafie Co. to supply piping materials to oil and gas (O&G) related companies in Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, Bintai Kinden said its subsidiary, Bintai Energy Sdn Bhd had entered into a marketing and distribution agreement with Marafie.

Under the agreement, Marafie will act as a representative of Bintai Energy to engage in O&G development in the region of Saudi Arabia.

Bintai Energy is a 51:49 joint venture between Bintai Kinden’s wholly owned subsidiary, Kejuruteraan Bintai Kindenko Sdn Bhd and PFF. It is the Special Purpose Vehicle identified to supply materials and equipment to the local and international O&G industry including the Middle East via the distributorship channel of PFF.

The agreement is for a three-year period and subject to further extension of time upon mutual agreement by Bintai Energy and Marafie, unless termination notice in writing is given by either party 60 days prior to the termination.

Executive director Azri Azerai said the company foresees the demand for piping materials and equipment related to O&G industry to escalate in tandem with the recovery in the global O&G market.

“Saudi Arabia is an oil rich country. It possesses around 17 per cent of the world's proven petroleum reserves. We hope to tap on our local partner network and win more O&G contracts in the region.

“We believe this partnership will further accelerate the growth of our new business venture, and we are excited by the immense opportunity ahead of us,” he added.

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